Alysha's Story

We loved meeting and photographing Alysha and her gorgeous little miracle Felicity.

Watching them together for just a short amount of time, you can definitely see and feel the insane amount of love this young mum has for her beautiful little girl.

After 6 years of trying and IVF treatments Alysha and husband Jai finally fell pregnant! So of course, Alysha's Love Locket was built around the love for her little family. 

Being young and fun, we decided to give Alysha the Tag Locket, we also thought this was a super quirky way to represent her much loved cattle dog Bob. 

We filled it with all things sparkly including the Mum & Daughter stackable, reversible Honeycombs to highlight how important being a mum to Felicity is for Alysha. We also included the Swarovski Golden Shine Little Love Heart to show the love she has for her husband Jai & the Swarovski Red Cherries Sweet Hearts which celebrate Jai's & Felicity's Chinese heritage. We used the Swarovski Extra Special Rainbow Drops as reminder of the rainbow after the storm. No matter the hardships in life, there is always a silver lining - also they look amazing!

Being a mum, we had to make sure the chain we chose for Alysha was going to be durable enough for everyday wear with a baby. So we went with the 80cm Yellow Gold Rolo Chain

Alysha absolutely loved her Love Locket - and we think Felicity did too! 

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and letting us create something for you as a beautiful daily reminder of the love you have for your little family.











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