Animal Instincts Amulets Copper Shine | Complete Set

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Get the complete look with our Amulets package! Includes the matching Love Lockets bracelets, set of 4 Amulets and our beautiful gift box!

Usually valued at $118, our complete set is $99! 

Our Copper Shine Amulet complete set comes with a matching Rose Gold Wristlet.


Our very first collection Animal Instincts, includes 4 reversible inspiring Amulets for you to swap and change to uplift and inspire you daily.  You can put your Amulets inside our Wristlet or any Love Locket above 33mm. 

Wolf | Bear | Lion | Phoenix 

Wolf - Don't chase dreams, Hunt goals!  Because sometimes even the alpha female in the pack needs reminding thats she's the BOSS!

Bear - Be Fierce, Be Strong. - The protector, leader and the exceptionally brave.  The epitome of courage and strength. 

Lion - Be courageous today! - Calling all fearless females, the ones who rule over their kingdom and roar louder than the pride.  

Phoenix - Rise from the ashes. - For those who understand that life isn't just about surviving, its about thriving, beating the odds and rising above.  A symbol of hope, rebirth and empowerment. 

Available in: Gold shine, copper shine, silver shine, holographic shine. 

The Amulets stack perfectly inside our Wristlets. 

Made from from high quality recyclable stock. 

Rose Gold

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