How should I care for my Love Lockets jewellery?

Your Love Locket jewellery should be handled with care at all times. The lockets and wristlets are made of glass and may crack or break if impacted. We recommend not overfilling your locket as the pressure may crack the glass. Ensure that your locket “snaps” shut securely when closing it. If you don’t hear that snap something could be impeding the clasp or your locket may be too full.

Jewellery and liquids do not mix, we recommend that you clean your jewellery regularly and do not wear it whilst bathing, gardening, during active recreation, fitness and physical work or whilst in bed or during sporting activities. 

By their nature, snake chains may become kinked if bent beyond their natural curve and kinks may lead to breakage.

How should I store my Love Locket?

We recommend that you clean your jewellery with a dry microfiber cloth prior to storage. Store away from natural sunlight and heat, preferable in a protective jewellery box or a tarnish-resistant. Jewellery may be stored in a plastic zip lock bag made of Mylar or polyethylene, however, never use polyvinyl plastic bags, such as bin liners as they contain sulphur compounds, which will make sterling silver tarnish faster. Keep your jewellery away from the bathroom or wet areas.

Is it OK to sleep in my Love Locket Jewellery?

We strongly recommend that you remove your jewellery before sleeping. Locket glass may break, or your locket may open and charms will be lost, chains may kink (damage) or break and parts such as dangles may be damaged by your resting weight.

Can I put non-Love Locket charms in my locket and wristlet?

We recommend that you only use genuine charms on your LOVE LOCKET wristlet and locket to avoid the risk of damage to your locket.