Real People, Real Stories, Real Love...

In November 2017 Love Lockets put the call out. We wanted women from Brisbane and surrounds to share their story with us; and in return, we would create them a Love Locket.

The applications were overwhelming! We received so many amazing, heartbreaking, courageous, inspiring and loving stories. Stories that made us laugh and stories that made us cry.

It was near impossible to choose - we wanted to make Love Lockets for everyone! In the end though, we randomly chose 20 lucky people.

In the weeks leading up to the big day, we spent so much time agonising over which Love Locket would suit each individual and their story. We spent hours creating and building these lockets and imaging each person and what they would like and want. 

Finally, the day we had been waiting for arrived. We set up at a gorgeous little studio in Paddington and nervously awaited the arrival of the ladies. We knew it was going to be an emotional day, but what was to come was so much more than any of us could've anticipated.

After reading so many stories, it was so good to put a face to the name. While none of us had ever met, it felt like we knew who these women were. They had opened their hearts and souls up to us and allowed us to create them a Love Locket to represent their story. 

A beautiful token of love and life they are able to wear close to their heart everyday; something they can be proud to show off.

Something to capture treasured moments...

We could not have predicted the reaction we got gifting each Love Locket, there were tears - so many tears. Tears of joy, laughter, sadness, gratitude and of course love. It was a truly special day and we are beyond grateful we were able to do this.

Thank you so much to each and every person who attended such a great day. The Love Lockets team had the absolute best time and can not wait to do it again.

Love & Grattitude

Love Lockets Team




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