Robyn's Story

Meet Robyn, who absolutely is as lovely and vibrant as she looks! Photographing Robyn was so much fun and she had us all laughing. She came in with such an amazing, positive energy and was so bubbly - it truly was a pleasure. 

Robyn is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, therapist, healer, shaman, teacher, metaphysical explorer and guide for people on the path to self and wholeness. For Robyn, its all about the love, so when putting together Robyn's Love Locket; of course, we made it all about the love.

We chose the XL 38mm Silver Sparkle Locket, to match Robyn's sparkly personality and filled it with love. Paired with the Silver Chunky Oval Link 50cm Chain, this Love Locket is an easy everyday piece Robyn can wear with anything, anywhere. 

The first piece we selected was obvious, of course it had to be the Silver Word Love Charm. We also chose the Silver Word Family charm and the Swarovski Galaxy Water crystals to represent the love she has for the most important people in her life, her husband and 2 sons. 

It was also important that we create a beautiful reminder of Robyn's late sister. To do this, we placed a Sister Honeycomb Charm inside the Swarovski Circle of Life - Peace Crystal. The Swarovski Millennial Half Moon Crystal was added as a little extra sparkly piece to mark Robyn's spiritual side.

We are so glad you love your locket and so grateful that you shared a little snippet of your story with us. We were sure to leave space in your Love Locket as we know you will want to fill it with more charms and crystals to celebrate your journey as it goes on.  



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